A Guide to the Sleeper Train from London to Scotland

If you’re planning a luxury vacation to the UK, there are some places that are unmissable. The capital is one of them. And the Scottish Highlands is another. Both of these destinations, as contrasting as they are, are incredible examples of what makes Britain so unique. From the bustling and cosmopolitan capital to picturesque Highland villages and dreamy lochs, this journey connects north and south.

ben-nevis-View from Fort William

One of the best ways to take in the sights of London and Scotland is on board the Caledonian Sleeper train. Here’s everything you need to know before you book your tickets.

The Destinations

This train links the capital with multiple destinations in Scotland, including the Highlands and the Lowlands. It ensures stress-free travel by offering a comfortable place to sleep as you journey from south to north. Setting off from London Euston, you can arrive in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Fort William, Glasgow, Inverness, Dundee, St. Andrews, Aviemore, Perth, Stirling and Gleneagles.

Aberdeen-Train station

The Trains

There are two Caledonian Sleeper trains that leave London every night (except Saturday). These are 16-car sleeper trains, and both the Highlands train and Lowlands train split off into smaller trains at certain points of the journey. A few new trains were introduced in 2019 for both routes, ensuring the most up-to-date carriages and facilities on board for passengers.

The Rooms

The accommodation on board the train includes:

  • The Classic Room – twin bunk beds, in-room wash basin, and room service 
  • The Club Room – twin bunk or single beds, en-suite with toilet and shower, and room service
  • The Caledonian Double Room – double bed, en-suite with toilet and shower, and room service
  • Comfort Seats – train seating with footrests and lockable storage

All rooms also include free WiFi, temperature control and dimmable lights.

bridge-Scotland Train

The Facilities

Inside the Lounge Car, you’ll find buffet facilities and a range of delicious meals. Room service is also available in every room, and seat passengers will have a dedicated menu to order from too. The food on board is made with seasonal ingredients – this ensures the best flavor and also serves our environment better. For families, children under 12 eat for free.

There are accessible rooms for those traveling with a wheelchair, and there are rooms that are suitable for pets. There are also some very stylish guest lounges in our stations, with accessible shower and toilet facilities.

Booking / Boarding

There’s no check-in process for the Caledonian Sleep train, so it’s easy to just turn up and get settled straight away. You can book tickets up to 12 months in advance, making it easier for travelers booking from overseas who need to plan different aspects of travel. To book, call 0330 060 0500 from the UK or +44 141 555 0888 everywhere else in the world.

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