Helicopter Charter in Scotland – Things to Consider

Here at Corrour Lodge, it’s our mission to make your vacation as special and memorable as possible. As well as offerings some fantastic activities on our estate, we can also help you arrange activities and tours with local operators. If you would like to see the beautiful Scottish Highlands from a great height, helicopter travel is a wonderful idea.

Not only does helicopter charter provide a fast and easy way of getting around Scotland, but it’s also perfect for special occasions. Whether it’s a proposal, anniversary or special occasion, flying by helicopter is a magical experience. But before you book, here are some important things to think about: 


What types of helicopters can you charter?

Typically, Scottish charter companies will offer private helicopter charter and business helicopter charter. So depending on the nature of your trip, it could be wise to research the different operators.

You will also need to know whether you need a single or twin engine helicopter. Twin engines are capable of flying in all weather conditions as well as at night, so they will be more expensive. If you are hoping to experience the beautiful Highland views and the weather is on your side, it is likely you will only need a single engine helicopter.

Different flying destinations

When you book your helicopter charter, be clear about where you are going and whether your trip is one way or you require a return. Departure and destination points dictate the length of the flight, which will be used to calculate the total cost.  

Corrour Lodge aerial photo

How many people are coming with you?

This is extremely important when it comes to helicopter charter, as the number of people in your group will dictate what size of helicopter is needed. Most charter helicopters can carry 4-8 passengers. Generally, larger helicopters are not readily available in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK, making them costly to source.

It’s good to note that many helicopters are restricted by weight, so the more passengers on board, the less fuel can be carried. This will affect how long you can fly for or whether there needs to be a fueling stop.

Do you need more than one pilot?

Having more than one pilot isn’t compulsory, but many people who fly by helicopter request a second pilot for insurance purposes and also peace of mind. If you have the budget and extra space in your helicopter, it can be a good idea to book one.

Finding places to land

When it comes to landing, it’s important to know that it’s not possible to just land anywhere. So when arranging your final destination, be mindful of this.  If the desired site meets specific requirements for the helicopter type, and the land owner also gives permission, then it is possible to make arrangements. If a charter company is unable to land in your chosen place, they will do their best to land somewhere nearby.

River Ossian Meander

A helicopter charter can be a fantastic way to make your vacation unforgettable. If you would like us to arrange a helicopter experience for you and your family when you visit us, get in touch with our team. Or for more inspiration on what to do when visiting Corrour, take a look at our library of places to visit.