Highland Games

A great option for a family get together or other big group staying at the lodge.

This takes place in the field, stone’s throw from the Lodge and includes a variety of both traditional Highland Games events and some that are perhaps less likely to be seen at an official Highland Games, but are lot of fun.

Traditional events can include tossing the caber, weight for distance, shot putt and throwing the hammer. We also include events like Chucking the Chicken, Wellie Whanging and Sack Races. We always finish up with a tug-of-war pull-off. It wouldn’t be a Highland Games otherwise! All great fun for all the family.

We can either run this as a team event, whereby a number of Clan Chiefs are appointed to rally their warriors and compete for the winner’s prize. Everybody has a go at each event (typically 5 in a 2-hr session), and the tug-of-war pull-off at the end helps decide the Clan Champions for the day!

We could also arrange for the games to be more of a ‘drop in’ and less competitive with an accompanying barbecue(supp). All our staff will be in their kilts and we do our utmost to provide a full-on, fun Scottish experience that you’ll remember for a long time. It can get really competitive!.

We have equipment of all sizes to encourage everyone to have a go. Minimum age is 6 years old.