4×4 Land Rover Safari & Off Road Driving Tour

Drivers can share the full day experience, and we can carry a total of 4 people plus the instructor in the vehicle so passengers are welcome.

Take to the wheel of an off-road vehicle under the expert guidance of one of our qualified British Off Road Driving Association instructors and trainers.

Our tours are a journey of exploration and discovery, taking in the incredible views and wildlife that the landscape affords and exploring the ground-breaking diversification and regeneration policies that the estate holds as its core values, time is taken to explain the work undertaken to create broadleaf woodlands and hydroelectric generation that has a direct contribution to the wider community, and of course a few challenges along the way!

Learn how to control the vehicle in a true off-road environment, correct use of controls and choice of route as you tackle a series of challenges to put you and the vehicle to the test.

Climbs, descents, side slopes, axle twisters and river crossing, all under the watchful eye and guidance of our experts.

This tour offers a unique chance to explore not one but two Highland Estates with more than 100 miles of forest, mountain and technically demanding routes.

Drivers will need to have a full driving licence, minimum age for passengers 10 years.

Max four persons per vehicle, please remember to bring packed lunch and hot and cold drinks (Packed lunch included in Lodge Rental).