Corrour is about experiencing Scottish wilderness in its natural glory all year round

Driving through highland Loch in Landrover

2.5 hours

4×4 Land Rover Safari

Enjoy an introductory tour of Corrour Estate in a Landrover Defender, with guides explaining the history and diversity of the land around you.

Quad biking in the Highlands

2 hours

Quad Bike Trek (2hr)

Explore Corrour Estate by quad bike, making use of the existing network of tracks throughout the estate.

Quad biking group in the Highlands

1 hour

Quad Bike Trek (1hr)

Discover by quad bike, the incredible views and wildlife that Corrour Estate has to offer.

Abseiling from the Lodge Tower, Highlands

Around 2hrs

Abseiling from the Lodge Tower

An awesome activity to take part in with an incredible view and adrenaline rush as you go over the top of Corrour Lodge to start the abseil down.

Archery in the Highlands of Scotland

Up to 2hrs


With beautiful views over the loch, this is great fun for all ages and ideal for beginners or experts as there can be immediate satisfaction if a bulls eye is scored.

Airsoft Battle Sessions highland estate

Airsoft Battle Sessions

Take part in a competitive team sport firing your opponents with spherical plastic projectiles.

Canoeing on Loch Ossian in the Highlands

2 hour option

Canoeing on Loch Ossian

Experience Corrour Estate by water and explore the wonderful beaches, small islands and landing spots on Loch Ossian from a canoe.

Mountain Biking around Loch Ossian, Highlands of Scotland

4 hours

Combined Bike & Boat option

A chance to experience the estate from both the land and water, riding a bike all the way to the top end of Loch Ossian and then getting into a canoe to come back via the beaches and small islands.

WoW (Walk on Water) balling

Up to 2hrs

Walk on Water balling

A lot easier said than done but a great activity that will undoubtedly ensure lots of laughs from both the participants and those who are watching.

Bushcraft Taster in the Scottish Highlands


Bushcraft Taster

A fun activity for a family group or an adult group wanting to learn new skills from our Bushcraft specialists. Each session can be tailored to the requirements of the group.

Hiking & Hill Walking In The Scottish Highlands

Mountain Guiding

A wonderful way to explore the mountains and area by walking and exploring with experienced guides who can tell you all about the history and diversity of the estate.

Off Road Segway Tours In The Scottish Highlands

Up to 3hrs

Off-road Segways

An exciting way to explore the estate on these state of the art machines that require a little skill to ride.

Mini Highland Games For Families & Groups In Scotland

2 hours

Highland Games

An ideal opportunity for a large group to experience the traditional games played at a Highland Games in Scotland. This can be run as a competitive team event with all staff in kilts and traditional Scottish dress or it can have a less competitive edge with everyone taking part in each game in a more relaxed manner.